Steps to Success

No one “gets” the issues facing a veteran better, or more personally, than another veteran—we’ve “been there.” We’ve faced many of the same barriers, and we “came out the other side.”

By necessity and through a process of trial-and-error, the members and leadership of Veterans With Vision have developed a network of exceptional resources for veterans— lenders and other professional help for veteran-owned businesses; therapists for veterans with disabilities; mental health or substance abuse counselors; and support for the families of veterans dealing with these and the many other challenges confronted in re-integrating to civilian life.

Because of our own experiences with “The System,” Veterans With Vision help veterans get what they need while minimizing hassle and inconvenience. That’s why our approach focuses on direct contact between and among veterans—finding real solutions to veterans’ real problems.

Using both traditional networks and newer ones—from the VFW to Facebook, the VA to viral videos—Veterans With Vision reaches into Massachusetts communities to identify and assist returning service members.