IARMI: Our Philosophy

woman kissing young war vet


Working with the armed services, the VA, the Massachusetts Department of Veterans’ Services, and our own extensive networks, we pair recently discharged veterans with a “vet mentor”—someone from the same branch of service who’s “been around the block,” who can offer guidance and friendship.


In collaboration with our network of proven clinicians and service providers, our vet mentors help clients and their families assess their needs and goals. A clear, realistic assessment today helps accomplish a better outcome tomorrow.


No matter how hard military life often is, it is also rewarding and meaningful, so that in returning to civilian life, veterans often feel a sense of loss—of camaraderie, of belonging, and of purpose. Our vet mentors help younger veterans develop new social, professional, and therapeutic support networks, so readjustment to civilian life is as easy and rewarding as it can be.


In completing our service, veterans have “done our part,” but all too often we return to a society that wants to forget—not an option for us and our families. The result is that veterans have trouble maintaining the quality-of-life we enjoyed before or during our service—much less expanding our options and opportunities.


Beyond mere maintenance, Veterans With Vision seeks to truly better the lives and prospects of our clients and their families. Our success comes when we see other veterans succeed—whatever that “success” may involve, Veterans With Vision is here to help see them through the process.